Leviza Murtazayeva
Text threads

Manager texts

Leviza: Hey, I just want to mention. Hopefully we end up leaving on time which is 8pm
tomorrow. If we don’t and end later, is it okay if I leave at 8, I have two midterms this week. And
I need to finish up the studying. Have a good night btw.
I have messaged Salma already

Julio: Yes no problem any time school is first

Leviza: Thanks, see you tomorrow

Julio: Hey what time we close yesterday?

Leviza: We closed at 2

Scene two

Julio: Hey Leviza can you come before 4 if you can
Thanks because Anna is alone, Kim didn’t come in.

Leviza: Yes!

Julio: Thanks!

Scene Three

Julio: Hi Leviza so Kim didn’t come today I was wondering if you can come help Anna for some
time until Salma comes in the afternoon

Leviza: Good Morning, sorry it’s really impossible today… I have a midterm today and tomorrow, plus on Thursday. I really wish I can help.