I had plans to stay in bed all day Saturday morning and bench watch Supernatural on Netflix but that plan got thrown out the window when I got a call from an ex-co-worker to go out for lunch.

Since COVID I haven’t been out dining, and I must admit I was a little reluctant to go out in public. I was not in the mood to cook dinner that day, so it did not take much convincing for me to accept the invitation.

Sidney: “hey girl what you doing, Want to meet up for lunch?”

Nickay: “I am ok girl. What time you thinking?”

Sidney: “I get out at 1 PM, can meetup at 1:30 ?”

Nickay: “Yes, 1:30 works. Where exactly are you thinking?”

Sidney works downtown Brooklyn, and since I drive and she does not, it makes sense for us to meet downtown. When I use to work in Brooklyn, my favorite restaurant was a small French/ American restaurant on Atlantic Avenue call Bacchus, so I was excited to hear that they were open and have outside dining available.

Nickay: “We should go to Bacchus I heard they are open and you know how much I love that place”.

Sidney: “Really, they are open? Yes, we should definitely go there I haven’t been there in forever”.

Nickay: “Grate ! i’ll see you at 1:30Pm”.

I have not been Downtown Brooklyn since March 6, 2020 (my last day to work before the hotel got shut down). As I pull my car up to an empty parking spot that was one block away from Bacchus, I have to take a minute to look around because the Atlantic Avenue I use to walk up and down on Friday evenings after work was no more.

Sidney had texted me while I was driving there but i did not get a chance to read it.

Sidney: “How far away are you girl I am here at the restaurant and I got us a table already”

Nickay : “walking there now, I am a few blocks over”.

Sidney: “ok, sounds good”.

 As soon as I got to the door, I spot her, and she instantly waved me over to the table. A young man was standing by the door with a large black book in his hand and wearing a white shirt and black pants which I know from visiting the restaurant on many occasions was Bacchus’s uniform.

Doorman: “ Dinning or take out?”

Nickay: “ I am meeting a friend who is already seated”

Doorman: “What’s the name?”

Nickay: “Sidney. She is sitting right there in the corner”.

Doorman: “ Ok great. You can go on over and just remember to wear your mask at all times except at your table”.

Nickay: “ Thank you”.

The restaurant was not crowded which I liked. And just like the other restaurant I pass a few blocks down, only the servers were wearing a mask. I myself removed my masked the moment I sat at my table.

Although the restaurant was not crowded, all the tables were fully occupied, and there seems to be no one seated inside the actual restaurant.