Out of all the assignments we had to do for this class, this was by far the most difficult for me. Usually when I write creatively, I try to add as much detail as possible to create a picture for the reader. When asked to go through text messages and create a dialogue, I found it difficult to choose one that told a story. However, I realized, that is the beauty behind dialogue. In some dialogue we are supposed to understand what is the story behind the dialogue and the emotions being portrayed by analyzing the exchange of words. If it is a monologue than based on the words used, we can see the emotion and how one is feeling. Dialogue, just like many other forms of creative writing, can keep the reader guessing and even make it relatable, whether based on what is happening or the emotions. Even though I realized this, I have been revising my work and trying to not overcomplicate it but also make it intriguing. That is my challenge for this assignment.