Middle Child

Overshadowed by your own siblings,

Middle child’s are usually the ones to get less attention than others.

It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time 

You might get less affection than the others 

But you can easily get away with things

And you have less responsibilities unlike your older sibling. 

I’d still prefer being the middle child if I was to choose

Being in the middle gives you the experience of both worlds.


It feels so long that I’ve been to my campus.

I can still remember my first fall in college.

It was normal going to campus for classes

Campus classes were fun while they lasted.

It wasn’t until the midst of second semester 

The inevitable came to pass.

Quarantine? Citywide Lockdown? Covid-19?

No matter what you labeled this work from home situation it all meant the same thing.

We spent about 3 months in quarantine in our first citywide lockdown.

Quarantining, face masks, sanitizing every moment became the new normal. 

The world itself is adapting to this new normal everyday.

Most of this year went by in the midst of us being cautious to survive through COVID-19.

Now we are near the final stage,

So stay strong until the finish line 

A stage of finalizing the COVID vaccine. 

Hopeful for the year 2021

New years’ new normal.


Where does someone feel at home?

It could be the people, friends, family and loved ones.

Where you stay and spend years to develop yourself is home.

This city is your home.

This is where you belong

The Big Apple! 

The city that never sleeps!

The city of opportunities!

This is where the dreams come true and dreams die out.

Be NY tough and succeed against the odds of this tough city.

If you can make it in here you can make it anywhere in the world.


Wants and needs go hand to hand.

They both make you hustle for the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Wants are something you can live without

However, needs are essential to life itself.

Realizing the difference between wants and needs can take you a long way;

Sometimes it’s good to fulfill your wants

But it’s more essential to fulfill your needs,

Because you can’t live without some needs.

So put a hold to your wants and accomplish your essentials.