The last snow day

I believe it was at the beginning of the year 2020 that me and some of my friends got to enjoy the last of the snowdays in NYC. It was 4 in the evening when we decided to go somewhere, like a park and enjoy the one time we had lots of snow this year. So we decided to go to Fort Tryon, it’s a huge old historic park located in Upper Manhattan by Hudson River. There’s also a beautiful historic museum there called met cloisters that we have never got the chance to visit because it closes too early for us. It was snowing a lot during that day we got up to Fort Tryon park. We took the train for like an hour to go there so it was dark by the time we got to the park. My friend Von, and Tohid was with me in the park as we walked outside of the subway station. There was snow piled up everywhere about a foot. We were really excited to see so much snow after a long time we started snow fighting. We were throwing snowballs at each other from 3 different sides while our hands were freezing. While we were playing around in snow my friend Von lost his airpod in the snow somewhere. We kept asking him where he last had it and Tohid tells Von “Use find my app to look for your pod bro”. We kept on looking in the snow back and forth and couldn’t find the airpod after like an hour of looking around. Von said “Let’s go more in the park and enjoy, we looked for the airpod for a good amount of time anyway”. We ended up leaving the place where we lost the airpod to explore more into the park. 

There was snow everywhere in the park, it was beautiful even though we were cold. It was great walking in the snow and playing with snow. At one point we almost made a snowman but half way through it our hands were frozen so we gave up. We also rolled up a ball of snow and threw it down a hill in the park. There were snow slides in the park we couldn’t use because we didn’t have any snow sliders. We were really close to using an umbrella as a slider as a bet we wagered amongst ourselves. But it didn’t work out because one of us had the nerves to say “it was a stupid idea and it’s not worth it”. We walked all over the park climbing up the hills, running in snow and watching the view of the Hudson river, bridge and the other side of the river. We were in the park until our fingers and toes were freezing that night but it was still an amazing experience to have. I knew that day we had to make it count because we might never see that much snow again. Even during last winter there hasn’t been much snow in the NYC area. I was glad to have found that one day we could enjoy the snow while it lasted. The snowfall has been decreasing a lot over the years and this year we probably won’t have a lot of snow in the city. I will always cherish that snow day just in case we never get a snow day like that ever again.