25 to Life


‘25 to life’ is a song written by Eminem. This song is about a career choice Eminem made which he wanted, and how he sacrifices all to be a rapper. I like this song because it reminds me of my career that I wanted so badly, and it’s too late to start a new path.  

Life Without Technology


 “Life Without Technology” was a poem I came across while googling poems about technology. This poem fits perfectly because it explains how technology changed people lives. People rather be on a phone that interact with each other. Also, it explains how addicting social media and cellphone came.

If you can See what I See


This poem reflects what I see on the daily bases in my career field, and how these things are not normal for the regular human to see. Also, this is great for people that thinks about going into law enforcement especially in the inner city of what it is like, and what you may encounter.

There Is No Rest For Success


For me this is a great poem because it a perfect explanation of what success is. It reminds me of all the goals I wanted to achieve, but the hardest part is actually to start working towards your goal in order to become successful. Also, it’s not going to be easy to succeed because you will have a lot of obstacle to overcome.