She sighed and went to chipotle by herself. Got her usual; bowl with brown rice, no meat, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, with a tortilla on the side. Nothing too crazy. She walked into Hunter, got her visitor pass, and went straight to the cafe. It was a February afternoon, she knew the cafe would be packed. She turned her head and in the sea of people walking around with food, speaking aloud, and stressing, she saw two of her other sisters sitting at a table for 3, how convenient. “Hey, girly how ya been?” She laughed at her crazy gesture. “Good, how ya been? How’s school been treating ya?” They both did a loud and heavy sigh. “Nevermind let’s talk about other things.” All 3 laughed, she sat down and put her phone down. Duchess, one of her sisters, grabbed it and took a picture of her. “You know I was thinking the other day about you talking to a boy, you know since you’re single and new to Greek Life.” Greek Life, a group of frat boys and sorority girls was something that she was still getting used to. Diana sighed and took a bite of her chipotle. “Speaking of boys, I got a follow request back from baby face.” Both of her sisters choked as they tried to mentally prepare themselves for what to say next. “So are we gonna text him or are we waiting for him to text first?” Diana laughed. “Nobody is texting anyone, nothing is coming from this.” Duchess grabbed her phone and shoved it in her face. “Girl, it’s 2020, it’s time for you to step out there and take risk.” Diana tried to hide her face but to no luck, it unlocked anyway.

“So what’s the Instagram name. You know what nevermind I’ll look at notifications.” She checked and sighed. “What’s his brother name? Cause I know it can’t be baby face.” All three laughed as they took another bite of their foods. “Well, his name is Ivan so that’s a good sign.” Diana choked a little. “What does that mean?” “It means he has a homeboy name and not a street boy name which means he is a proper gentleman.” Her other sister Dolce rolled her eyes. “Just text him and give her back her phone. Wait how does he look?” Diana chuckled. “About 5’10, curly hair, glasses, skinny.” “So your type?” All three of them laughed. “This is very important information to know.” They all laughed again, as Duchess sent ‘Heyy’ and put Diana’s phone down. “Now we wait.”

A few hours passed. Diana waited till after the rush to see her phone. She couldn’t stop overthinking, what if he left her on read? What if he had a girlfriend already? What if he didn’t like big girls? What if he was gay? She was scared, to say the least. She had remembered that it’d been 3 hours since she texted him. Then as she turned on her phone. She saw something that lit up her whole heart. 

2 hours ago. “Hi”.