For the last three weeks the protests in New York City are still going on,the New York Police Department and the protesters are still on the street night after night, the president or the elected  are  not doing anything to make the situation better according to the protesters.

Tonight,journalists from local news are informing that lutter are infiltrating the peaceful protesters and vandalizing businesses, stealing and destroying private properties.

Police officers are scared for their lives according to the witnesses,they are using tear gases to disperse the protesters and some of the protesters are turning violent and throwing rocs, garbage canes and even frozen water bottles to the police officers.

My neighbor who was at the scene confirmed that a lot of people were injured on both sides and hundreds of protesters were taken into custody by the police.

The Brooklyn news 12 also confirmed that some fanatic groups are mixing with the protesters to fulfill their own agenda, they also predicted that there are more violent days to come and the situation can escalate even more.