What a fall

It was February of 2018 when Luz Mery and her two friends Yosibel and Erika decided to skip their last class and go to McDonald’s which was their favorite spot ever since they started community service. They don’t  usually  skip any class but that they for some reason they all felt like they needed a break and have some fun. On their way out, two of Luz Mery’s closest friends, Jonathan and Fred were leaving as they had finished school for the day, so she asked them to join her and her friends as which they said yes. When Jonathan realized that the girls especially Erika  were skipping class he said.

“I cant believe Erika agreed to this, she is usually the most decent one but I must say I’m happy to see her breaking some rules”

They all laughed a bit to lighten the mood because they knew that Erika was afraid that her mother would find out she was skipping class. The day outside was beautiful, the sun was shining and coloring the sky in orange and yellow tones, the wind made the branches of the trees dance to the beat, the temperature was perfect and if it weren’t for the pile of snow on the pavement, anyone would have believed that it was the end of spring and not the beginning of winter.

The group of friends decided to walk instead of taking the bus, McDonald’s was 20 minutes away from their school which they didn’t mind since they were having a good time making jokes and talking nonsense. On the way, a girl in front of them almost fell because she was paying more attention to her phone than where she was putting her feet on, she looked everywhere to see if someone had noticed that but Luz Mery and her friends  acted as if there was nobody there except for them. 

Two minutes after the girl in front of them almost fell, Yosibel fell and took Fred with her, to this day none of them know how that happened because they were the ones  telling everybody to watch out, the faces and movements they made to keep from falling were hilarious but the funniest part was than when Jonathan tried to help them he fell too, the people on the street were looking at  them as if they were a bunch of crazy and  immature kids, to them it was kind of embarrassing but still funny. They got to McDonald’s laughing and the only thing they could talk about that day was the fall and how none of them recorded it. On their way home, Erika told her friends.

“All the way to McDonald’s I was thinking about my mom finding out that I have skipped class but after that fall I don’t care about anything, this has been one of the funniest day of my life, what a fall Dios mío!”

To which Luz Mery and Yosibel  said:

“THAT WAS A DAMN FALL” and laughed.