Monday, 10/26 – Friday, 10/30 

By end-of-day Monday, 10/26, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • Revise your first short story and post it under Student Work: Short Stories.
  • Review at least two of your classmates’ critiques of the chapter of The Water Dancer under Student Work: Discussions. State whether you agree or disagree with their critique and state why in the comments section.
  • Continue writing a NEW story in any POV you like (First Person or Third Person), but focus on the setting and/or context.
  • This was posted in Week 9’s Assignment page, but it’s nice to have a reminder:
  • Take your story from Journal 5, fictionalize it by putting it in a totally different setting. Some ideas from Creative Writing Now:

Write a story that takes place…

  1. in a tattoo parlor
  2. at the zoo at night
  3. in an abandoned hospital
  4. in a submarine
  5. in a magnet factory
  6. in the vault of a bank
  7. in a bridal shop
  8. in the kitchen of Buckingham Palace
  9. on the edge of a cliff
  10. entirely in the dark
  • Here’s another website that has awesome pictures that might help you think of a good setting for your story. You aren’t required to use one of these settings, of course, but hopefully you see what I’m wanting you to focus on!
  • First draft for your Cohort is 10/28!

By end-of-day Wednesday, 10/28, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • Email your new short story to your Cohort. The names and emails of your Cohort members are listed in the Course Profile. Don’t forget to email me a copy at
  • The critiques are due on Monday, 11/2!