Last Saturday I went to a Spa in Jackson Heights, to get a facial and my nails done. Since I live in Brooklyn I had to take the bus to get there, I could have taken the train but one of them was not working and if I had taken  it the trip was going to take me longer. I hadn’t taken the bus since everything started and to my surprise it was full of people like it used to before all this happened. As I was standing on the bus, watching every single person with their mask on, I started to reflect about how vulnerable we all are and how none of us ever thought something like this would be happening. When I got to the spa, the mani and pedi side was also full of people, I waited five minutes for someone to come and take care of me. When I sat down, I looked around me and the first thing I noticed is all the women next to me wearing  different types of cute masks, I was the only one wearing the blue surgical one.

 The spa is located in a commercial street where there are a lot of restaurants and stores around, I was wearing a jacket because I though it was going to be cool that day but everybody else was wearing clothes as if it was the beginning of summer, people were  acting as if there were not a pandemic going on right now comparing it  to when all of this started where it was rare to see people outside and if they were, they seemed preoccupied and scared. I think everybody has kind of moved on and started to adapt to the idea of what is considered to be normal right now. I saw a  group of girls with their drinks from Starbucks, parents chasing their excited kids and elderlies sitting on a restaurant waiting patiently for their food. Seeing that made me happy, I think all of us deserve to be able to go out and finally enjoy a good meal or drink with our loved ones while still taking  all the necessaries precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. That day on the spa, sitting on that  pedicure chair I saw a part of what our days used to be like and as I was watching everybody passing by I was praying that everything goes back to completely normal soon.