Working for the hotel business I never expected feeling anonymous, but I felt anonymous working for the hotel. I got the hotel job from a family friend because of my painting and construction background, but I was turned down multiple times from other engineering jobs because employers thought I was too young and not responsible enough. It was one of my best jobs, and I would definitely go back if the salary can reflect what I’m making now. When I was working for the hotel industry, I worked for the Engineering Department. The engineers in the building are the people keeping the building standing. We are responsible for keep the hallways, lobbies and even the rooms the right temperature by fixing and maintaining the air conditions. Engineers in the building would also making sure the rooms and other visible areas look spectacular for the guest. This mean fixing leaks, patching up holes, painting and caulking before the guest arrives. One of my best things to do in the hotel was replace fluorescent light ballast, install CAT 5 cables, replacing air condition relay, rewiring air conditions and repairing electronics by changing fuses or resoldering bad connection. For our department being of the most important part of the hotel, I was able to be anonymous for 4 years before I resigned.

            The other employees knew us in the hotel, but the reason why I felt anonymous was the guest never interacts with the engineers. Working in the hotel room was one of the ideal places to work in the hotels. You can be in the room for 8-16 hours on repairing plumbing, tiles, drywall or even rewiring an air condition unit, and I would not come across a guest or even other employees in the hotel. They were times where guest could not get something working in the room, so on the way out they would let the front desk aware of the issues. The engineering department where notified by the front desk manager, and the issues was resolved before the guest arrived back to their room. When we had unexpected issues that couldn’t be resolved, we were never the one to break the bad news. I would relate the messages to the front desk manager, and they would be the making decision on moving or accommodate the guest. Front mangers always have the tuff job of breaking bad news to guest or even relocated them to a different hotel. However, I did not like when the hotel was a fully booked because it was something that needed to be resolved right away to get that room back in operational order.

Feeling anonymous is the best feeling during my time working in the hotel industry. I would come to work, and I knew I did not have to deal with complaining guests. Even at times I could stay anonymous from other co-workers. I would work independently majority of the time, so it was great not hearing negativity from my co-workers. It was my way of keeping a positive vide in the workplace. I was able make my working environment the way I wanted it to be. When it came to training new guys in the department, I made sure I teach them how to stay anonymous to avoid issues with management. It was one of my most stress-free jobs that I had. I would not mind the workload at times because I would have my favorite music playing, and I would just keep working. It also great because engineering had access to all the equipment rooms which great to hide when no work needed to be done. There were times I would be working a double shift, and other employees would not even know I was in the building. However, on my free time I will interact with other employees for a few laughs a day which I did meet some great acquaintances. Being anonymous in the workplace was one of the best things, but I did fall in a trap of committing 25 years of doing another career which I do regret at times. The good news is I have 17 more years until retirement, and I would be going back to the engineering field.