A time I felt  anonymous by choice was when I moved to this country a few years ago. When you arrive in a new country you face many obstacles such as culture, adaptation, discrimination, but the biggest obstacle  for me was the language. When you are not fluent in the language  that is spoken in the country you have just moved to, you feel strange and anxious because you do not know how to communicate with other people. My first year of high school was very difficult because  even though I understood and held some conversations with my teachers , I still had my accent and I was afraid that I wasn’t using the correct word or did not pronounce correctly. I always try to be perfectionist and since I knew my English wasn’t perfect even though I took English classes in my home country I did not want to give myself a chance to put into practice what I learned .  I did not have many friends and I didn’t try to do it for fear of being rejected. I tried my best to speak in english but some people are just so mean that they pretend that they did not understand any word I said, these things at first discourage me. At first, I was very disappointed but then, I realized that this  could affect my life and my grades in school so I did everything to improve my english with the help of my teachers and people that supports me. Everyday I try to perfect my English doing a lot of  reading and writing.