Today in this Journal I will be introducing my dear friend Anna, I would she is one of the least ordinary people that i have ever met in 18 years of my life, and I love it. She is not a old friend of mine and I do not know her for years. She is pretty fresh I can say, but it feels like I know her for eternity. How I met her? Well, who would have thought I would become so close with my guy best friend’s girlfriend. It is not usual for me that is why it really surprises me how close three of us are. I never really liked his previous girls, to be honest, but this one stood out a lot. When I first met her, I made an assumption of her being an ordinary girly girl which never fit my “friend/interest standards” I am more of what you may call boy-girl. I rather talk about sports and cars rather than make-up, nails, and etc. I do still take care of myself but it is not my first priority. Anyway, as I began to meet her and her boyfriend more often, I learned how caring and genuine she is, even though she in fact may seem very girly, she is one of the most independent, smart, and strong young women I have ever met, and that is what pulled me in and I was willing to get closer with her as friends. We would sleep over at my house, she would come to meet my whole entire family, plus now we even work together. She is the friend, now sister I have always wanted. I never thought that the conversations that I had with her about any subject would ever be coming out from my side, in my life, nor I have ever felt so comfortable talking to someone about anything that is on my mind. I can go on for pages writing about our friendship, but this is what stood out for me the most.