Monday, 8/31- Friday, 9/4

Unit 1: Memoir 

By end-of-day Monday, 8/31, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • My discussion on memoir.
  • All of your classmates’ “Meet My ______.”
  • Chapter One from Ann Patchett’s Truth & Beauty.


  • Critique Patchett’s work in a paragraph of at least 150 words. What did you enjoy about her work? What questions do you have? Post under Student Work: Discussions. (Need help posting? Follow the guide from Week 1 but add it under Discussions, not Student Assignments.)
  • Respond to six of your classmates’ “Meet My _____.” Include at least one positive comment (great story, description was really nice, etc.) and one question (What happened next? Who was X?)

By end-of-day Wednesday, 9/2, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • Journal Assignment 1: Using Patchett’s work as an example, write about a friendship that has been significant to you. Write at least 300 words on the subject. (Some prompt questions, if you’re having a hard time getting started: Who is it? How did you meet? Why are they important to you?) Post all your Journals for the semester under Student Work: Journals. Be sure to write the following in the title: Full Name, Journal 1, and tag it as Journal 1. (This helps me when I’m giving participation points!)


  • Based on comments from your classmates and self-review, send your revised “Meet My _____” to your assigned Cohort (I will be assigning your Cohort on Monday–look out for that Announcement).
  • NOTE: Include me (gmail address) in the email to your Cohort. That way you earn participation points! If you do not send your piece to your Cohort (and me at my gmail address) by Wednesday, your Cohort is not required to review your piece (they can, of course, but it isn’t required), and you do not get participation points (I do not waffle on this).

By end-of-day Friday, 9/4, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • A formal critique template is now posted in the Course Profile. Download it and respond to each of your Cohort members’ pieces and email the responses to them and me (gmail address).
  • If you don’t respond to your Cohort by the due date, you will lose participation points.