Week 1: Wednesday, 8/26 – Friday, 8/28

Introduction: Course Overview & Getting to Know Each Other

By end-of-day Friday, 8/28, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • Go to OpenLab class site: if you encounter problems, please email me at creative.writing.citytech@gmail.com.
  • Take a tour of OpenLab. Be sure to read the introduction to course, look over the syllabus (which has a lot of information on this class), and open and review all course tabs/sections.
  • Find my “Meet My Feet” story under Student Work: Discussions.


  • Comment on my “Meet My Feet.” What did you enjoy about my story? What questions do you have?
  • Write your own “Meet My _____.” (You can use your shoes or another object that you feel shares something about you.) Post it under Student Work: Assignment Posts on OpenLab. Do not make it private; your classmates will need to read it next week. (A visual guide on how to make a post is here.)

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