To a student taking Eng 1121 for the fall semester .. all I would say is make sure you make time for this class. Making some time for this class out of your day would allow you to focus properly on the major assignments/low-stakes assignments. Also, doing your work before the due date would keep you on track, and you would never be able to turn things in late that’s one thing I’ve learned for myself. One thing I would say I would do differently in this class specifically for the annotated bibliography is to make sure the topic I choose is something I’m passionate about, and something that would have great information to back it up. That is another piece of advice I would give you is make sure every assignment that you have to write you are passionate about that topic, and you aren’t choosing that topic just because it’s easy. Essays might not be your thing but pacing yourself, planning your assignments out, and doing it before the due date would make you feel like essays are the easiest things to write.