Hello future student taking this class welcome to English 1125 you made it!!! But this class doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Take it from someone who rushed assignments because they “looked easy”. SLOW DOWN and READ THE PROMPT THOROUGHLY!!! I can’t stress enough how much points I lost due to my own carelessness. Another thing I would tell you is for the reading it’s to actually do it. Don’t come to class empty handed because you’ll be wasting your time and you’ll behind everyone else in the class its better to have the work done than have you be the odd one out because you chose not to read. If it’s a lot of reading to do read it weeks in advance and pace yourself. Take notes while reading things that stuck out to you, questions you may have anything works. And finally as for the low stakes writing assignments my advice is again to pace yourself and do them in advance. Working under pressure is worse for you since your not thinking of the quality but more so the actual product which oftentimes come out bad because you rushed it. This class will teach you a lot and will humble you in ways more than one but importantly enjoy your time and if not learn something about yourself and change it as the semester moves forward.