Hello to all the Future students taking the 1121 English Composition class. Some advice I would give you to make this class easier is to try to figure out yourself as a writer and how you differ from others. Developing your writing skills and honing the way you like to write can help you do the major assignments well and also make writing easier and more enjoyable to do especially for the people who don’t like writing. What helped me stay on top of the assignments was paying attention to the agenda and doing the before classwork. Just by doing that you already have a general sense of what’s coming up and when something is due so you don’t lose points just by turning it in late. Another piece of advice I will give to you is that take the time to choose a topic you actually care about or are interested in, that way researching and writing about it will go much more smoothly and the outcome of it would be much better. Good luck!

– Gundo Sillah