Dear Future Student, 

I’m going to give you some tips for ENG 1121. One being that you should do your work the first chance that you can. Just get the work done and don’t stress later. At the very least get something done ahead of time, that way, even if you work on it last minute, you have something already to work with. This helped a ton for me personally. Luckily, our professor gave us loads of class time to start assignments which helped me when I was working on the assignments at home. Another tip I would say is to pick topics that you genuinely like for the unit projects. Doing this will make your life easier, it’s always easier to do things when you like it, it’s simple. When it comes to the readings, I would say to read them at least twice, that way you understand what you have in front of you. Lastly, I would tell you to try to read the room.