After re-reading Antigone and trying to understand this scenario I could describe Antigone as reckless and caring because she wants to bury her brother even if its not allowed and knowing she can get in trouble. On the other hand her sister Ismene could be described as careful but afraid, she is scared to help her sister out with what she plans on doing because of the consequences but is careful telling her sister that they must keep it a secret and tell no one else. If there was a movie I would cast someone who is brave for Antigone and someone who is timid for Ismene.

If Creon lived in today’s age I believe he use twitter as his social media platform. Twitter is the platform that people let out their opinions the most unlike facebook where it’s mostly just to make friends and share videos. One section of the of the monologue that Crean would say in twitter could be “If the one’s responsible for the crime is not found then the guards will be punished for their actions.” This is from line 324 where Creon actually says “Go pretty up your guesswork. If you don’t show me the doers you will have to say that wicked payments work their own revenge.”