Some adjectives that come to mind for Antigone are brave and caring because she knew the consequences she would have to face if she buried her brothers but she was brave enough to do it and didn’t care about the consequences. She sacrificed her life to bury her brothers which shows how caring she is for her brothers who died. I would use obeying and understanding because she obeyed Creon’s orders by not burying her brothers but she understood why her sister was doing it and she knew that Antigone was doing the right thing but she didn’t want to risk her life.

If Creon lived in this world, he would probably be using Twitter and possibly youtube because neither platform does well to prevent harmful and dangerous messages from being broadcast, and youtube especially benefits from the existence of people of his kind of mind. additionally, Twitter is about small quick messages that allow very easy and impulsive statements to be made towards like-minded individuals as well as others who could accept his word.