This group’s goal is to encourage fitness, health, and bodybuilding depending on the person. The way they communicate is by giving each other tips on how to get better and how to improve their diet and their workout routine. Encouraging health tips extends to the in gym shop that provides healthy recuperating shakes and cookies alongside their paraphernalia. Members of the gym talk to each other about weight limits, how to improve workout form, and to generally become better at what they’re doing. The way this group communicates with the outside world is by social media and by posting videos and pictures of their progress. The language they use within their group consists of expressions like sets, reps, body form, and general calorie and protein intake. There is also a form of wordless communication in asking people with headphones how many reps are left on a specific machine. Before any person joins this group, they need to know how to at least eat a decent diet, it doesn’t have to be a perfect diet, just good enough so that they can stay healthy. They’re also supposed to know the basic exercises and which muscles do the exercises work on. The terms and actions that don’t need to be explained to a group member are that don’t smack the weights on the floor and do not make a lot of noise. The rhythms of activity would consist of the different ways people arrange their exercises and the reps.  Some issues that are common in the gym are that sometimes the machines stop working or they don’t work properly so the machines stay like that for like a week until the gym management calls someone to fix it. It also depends on the gym as well because for example my gym might take a week to fix the machine but another gym might take 2 days so it varies by the gym as well. I just feel like they should fix the machines quicker so that we can use them asap. Another issue that the gym sometimes has is that some people use one machine and keep on using it till like 30 minutes and if you ask them if you can work in with them they say no. It really aggravates me because other people pay for the gym too so you can’t just stay in one machine and don’t let others use it. Some people use 2 or 3 machines at once and they put their towel or phone in the machine so that other people can’t use it. When you are about to use it they say they are using it even though they are not currently using it and if you ask them if you can use it they say no. There are many people like this in the gym and this problem is really common in gyms.


This group’s goal is to strengthen the spiritual aspect of society. As it is said that mosques are the places that are chosen from God on this earth so these are called houses of God. Everybody in the community feels peace and tranquility. This place is a ray of hope and peace for the community. This is a place for religious gatherings for the Muslim community. In many states, there are many mosques that help people with preaching towards Islam. There are many get-togethers for people of different cultures and religions who can also come to eat food for free and talk with one another to learn about the Islamic ways and how it’s a peaceful religion and not how it is portrayed in the media. Through media and community mosques are needed for Muslims as a way to get together with other people. In the mosque, we use different languages from different countries. Even translations are used for specific groups of people. But Prayers and our holy book called the Quran is in the native language of Arabic as it originated from Saudi Arabia in Mecca where many people spoke Arabic close to the place where the Quran came. A person needs to know how to pray, when to pray, to be respectful to all the people in the mosque, to not speak loud in the mosque, and to wear a thing called (topi) which is a kind of hat that is used to cover all the heads hair. There are some terms and actions that don’t need to be explained to a group member and it is to not be violent with anyone and be respectful with all people in the mosque. Some issues in the mosque are that sometimes they have financial and management problems in the mosque and they don’t know how to deal with it so it becomes a really big problem for them.

Soccer club: 

This group’s goal is to just have fun playing soccer and encourage others to play it as well. The way this group communicates with each other is by talking to each other when they are practicing or doing drills. They usually communicate with each other by helping each other out. There are many ways people can help each other out in this group for example they can help others with how to dribble the ball better or how to get better in penalties or how to curve the ball more or how to build up your stamina. Another way of communicating is by social media. People in this group message each other via WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, discord, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms. The language they use within their group consists of words like dribbling, shooting, defending, tackling, penalty kicks, free kicks, and many more. A person who wants to join this group should at least know the basics of soccer. For example, he should know most of the calls, how to kick the ball, how to dribble(doesn’t have to be insanely good dribbling), and should respect all the players. There are some terms that don’t need to be explained and it is that don’t be rude to people in this group and do whatever your coach tells you to do. Some issues and problems in soccer clubs are that some kids start fighting which creates mad chaos and it wastes a lot of our time. Some kids use foul language towards others, especially the kids on the opposing team. One common issue is that it is really hard to play in winter because it is really cold so kids cannot play properly and sometimes they have to stay home because of heavy rain or snow storm.