This week we’re going to be examining the letter written by Wollstonecraft and the speech written/presented by Young. We’ll talk about their discourse communities, issues, and who their audiences were, which of the two you felt more connected to–and why.

If you haven’t read/watched these yet, make sure you do this before we meet! (Links to these two assignments are in the captions as well as the Agenda page.)

A few things to consider as you decide on which discourse community you’re going to use to write about–as well as the genre you’ll use:

Whether you choose to write a letter or a speech, you’ll need to feel passionate about the discourse community, the issue you’re focusing on that’s facing your discourse community, as well as the audience you choose to address about these things.

So passionate, you can write 1,000 words on the subject!

In order to convince either the recipient of the letter or the crowd in the auditorium, you’ll need to do some research. Obviously, your personal experience will aid you, but research will be very helpful (and it’s a requirement of the U1 assignment). Remember, you can interview people, do Internet research, find articles, etc.

If you’re still struggling with decisions, some of the exercises we’ll do this week will hopefully guide you. Feel free to drop by an office hour to discuss your ideas with me!

Go to the Agenda to find out the details!