Quote 1 : “Such communities tend to be small and isolated, such as those existing in mountain villages, or on small islands, or in desert oases. In some contrast, the former is a largely heterogeneous, socio-rhetorical assemblage of people who broadly share occupational or recreational experiences, goals, and interests.” (paragraph 8) (lines 5-9) 

This quote is very interesting to me because I feel like no matter where you go, and no matter how big or small the place is everyone has something in common such as hobbies, their careers or even how they carry themselves. Being around people who share the same interests allow you to learn from one another, and grow to be someone bigger/better in life or with what you do. 

Quote 2: “Many people are occasional members of more than one discourse community.” (paragraph 19) (line 1) 

This quote is also interesting to me because although you may think you have one interest or you can’t find people who enjoy what you enjoy or do what you do that’s wrong in a way because many people have many of the same goals, and they also have many goals that tie in with the multiple discourse communities that exist.