Dear future students,

I have now reached the end of English 1121 with professor Penner and I would like to share how it went. I honestly really enjoyed this class and found professor Penner to be very caring and approachable. Since the beginning of the semester, there were many small assignments that led to bigger projects. I believe this made it easier to complete the projects since we have been working on it in smaller ways. One piece of advice I would share for this class is to stay on top of your low stake assignments. These assignments seem small but they honestly help a lot in the long run. Also they make up a good amount of your grade. I would also advise you to try to participate in class. This will help you build a connection with your class since professor Penner does group work. Being able to work as a group really helped me improve my work since I was able to review other students’ papers. I would definitely recommend this class to all my friends because it was gave me great practice for my writing. I know you will enjoy it too.