Once I completed the ‘Unit 2 Project’, I’ve come to realize that the way I would complete my assignment is not efficient at all. I would take my time doing the project and not worry about handling it. I almost never use the City Tech Library database because I’m not fond of using it since it’s complicated for me to use it. I would have to specify what I have to search in order for me to use the sources to help write my paper and I get different results from the early 2000s and 2010s. I just wrote about obesity because it was the only thing that came into mind and I couldn’t write anything else since I have no knowledge in other fields. While true, a lot of people like to take a huge crap on America for its unhealthy body stature and they’re right about that since a lot of people including myself love to consume foods that can contain bad oils, lots of fats and anything we can binge on. It’s no surprise that almost 3 million people die from obesity and many suffer from it, especially when seen on camera/video.