During class on Monday, December 6, we will…


  • Review the new and improved Final Portfolio page! 🙂
  • Talk about any issues regarding the Final Reflection or Portfolio.

After class, students will..


  • Continue working on your reflection and portfolio, which includes revising an assignment of your choice.
  • Post your first draft of your Final Reflection. Title it Full Name, Final Reflection, 1st Draft and save it under the category Final Reflection Work by class time on Wednesday, December 8.
    • This will count as a low-stakes writing assignment (worth 30% of your overall grade).

During class on Wednesday, December 8, we will…


  • Students who are actively present (which means not simply logged on to Zoom) and have posted their first draft by class time will be grouped with other actively present students for a peer review session.

After class, students will…

  • Consider your feedback from your peer review and make appropriate changes to your Final Reflection.
  • Continue working on your reflection and portfolio.
  • You are not posting your drafts yet, but you may use office hours on Thursday to check in and ask questions.
  • Keep in mind that the Final Reflection and Portfolio are due on Monday, December 13!

Oh, and this is (another) Student Evaluations Reminder…

Procedures for Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

  1. This semester, every course-section will be evaluated.
  2. For courses that run through the end of the semester, the evaluation began on Monday, November 22nd and end on Friday, December 10th, 2021.
  3. Students will be sent links directly via their City Tech emails to complete the SETs.
  4. Students will receive a separate email and link for each of their enrolled courses.
  5. These evaluations are anonymous!