What I found difficult about doing this type of research was where to focus my research on. Almost half of child labour happens in Africa which is approximately 72 million children. It was difficult for me to just focus on one part of the world or one country that child labor is currently happening. If only half of child labor happens in Africa and it’s approximately 72 million children I can just wonder how many more children stuffer from child labour. It’s surprising that many of the companies and products we use on a daily basis allegedly still contribute to the problem. Most of these companies that employ child labor do so to make a profit. What also surprises me is the different types of labor these children do. Many children are working in illegal activities which is considered the worst type of labour. There is child trafficking, debt bondage, forced labour, and children in armed conflict. Children are trafficked for reasons such as prostitution, and recruitment as child soldiers and beggars, what surprise me is that there isn’t laws against this type of labor. While doing this research I learned how to use different types of sources for my research, while using the city tech library.