This week we’ll be spending class time researching/writing entries for our U2 Annotated Bibliography, and a librarian will be stopping by to refresh our memories on all things City Tech Library has to offer us.

But don’t wait until class time to research! Go to the library’s search engine and start looking for sources. OneSearch is a good place to start.

Remember to use key words. For example, if your question is “How can we improve student-teacher relationships in college?” you should take key words, like “student,” “teacher,” “relationships,” and “college,” and put them in the search engine. See what pops up:

OneSearch Results!

Note that I also filtered “Full Text Online,” since I don’t want to go to City Tech to look at any sources!

Now, I have to read the sources offered, and see if they help in answering my question. Remember, just because it’s first on the list doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit! That’s why research takes time. You have to find sources, examine them, and decide if they work for your project–and that’s before you sit down and create entries for them!

Go to the Agenda for Week 11 to see the details of what’s going on!