The first writing assignment I believe was fair. It was not too difficult to complete, yet was not exactly easy either. The challenging part of the assignment was defining the discourse community you are in. To me, one tends to be in many discourse communities, pinpointing one that was right for the assignment was the challenge. Especially when your topic tends to touch other discourse communities. I really had to make sure I reeled it in and kept it to my discourse community. The piece that influenced my writing the most was the Fredrick Douglas speech. I loved how after all these years, you can still feel the raw emotion of his words as if he is still here today. I wanted to make something similar to that. Nothing has really surprised me in the assignment. I know that I am a average at best writer, and I knew I struggle bringing out emotion in my pieces. Though I did slightly better I believe in this piece. I do see my skills approve because in the class we keep writing and honestly with writing, the more you do it the better you get. I need to be a clear and precise in my writing in my future career so I believe this is helping.