reason 1: I chose open letter  as my genre because An open letter is the perfect medium to highlight gun violence among young adults because of its characteristics. First of all, it gives me a direct way to express my feelings and worries. Through the use of my personal stories or experiences, I also may establish a connection and sympathy with the audience.

reason 2: An open letter invites reader comments and develops discussion. It asks them to have conversations about possible solutions or restrictions against the use of guns by young adults. This interactive feature encourages communities to come up with workable ideas and helps to increase awareness.

To sum up, an open letter is a powerful genre that successfully tackles the issue of the high rate of gun violence among young adults. Its characteristics enable authors to communicate with readers in an open and honest manner, make strong cases backed by facts, and spark discussions. We may expect for positive change in lowering gun violence among young adults in our society by making good use of this genre.