ENG1121, Class Session 4/22/20

Hello, dear students!

Hopefully you’ve emailed your “website” to your assigned group and have begun peer reviewing your group’s websites. If you haven’t started, work on this now. When you’re finished, email the completed worksheet to me and your group by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, April 22 (midnight on Wednesday, not noon on Wednesday).


Today (Wednesday) is a “workshop day.” It is a time to work on your peer reviews and your own website AND  start work on a Process Essay.

What’s the Process Essay?

This is an informal essay assignment in which you’ll examine the creative/writing process that went into the creation of this website. You can see the Process Essay Brainstorm Worksheet here.

The Rough Draft of the Process Essay is Monday, May 4.  It seems like May 4 is a long way off, but it isn’t! Start brainstorming and working on this assignment immediately!

Questions? Concerns? I’m available during our office hours (10 to 11:30AM on Wednesday) and other times throughout the day. Please contact me!

Be well & stay safe!

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