2 thoughts on “Petagaye.U3 Website”

  1. Your website is just showing up as text right now. Did you save it as a PDF and check to make sure it worked? Your process essay was great, and led me through the steps of your project, but I really need to see the finished website. Post it again on the website with your essay.

  2. Okay, now I see the website! It’s great and colorful, as you meant it to be, and would be easy for a parent or guardian to view and see what’s offered through this program. I love the personal touches you gave this site, for example, the three friends/co-workers you’ve gained through this program. Again, I liked reading the process essay, because it clearly showed how you changed and adapted throughout the project.

    My suggestions for the website would be to have the text in a box instead of superimposed over the pictures–it made the text hard to read at times. Also, I was unable to watch the videos. All I got after clicking on the pictures was “Resource Unavailable.”

    100 points (out of 100)!

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