ENG1121, Class Session 4/27/20

Hello, dear students!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, and are ready for a second round of peer reviews!

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING POST CAREFULLY. There is some very valuable information in here!

  1. For Round 2 of U3’s Peer Reviews, I’ve divided the class into NEW GROUPS!
    • Once again, each member of the group will perform a Peer Review for each member. This means you may be reviewing 3 to 4 writing assignments! DO NOT WAIT TO WORK ON THIS!
  2. I will be emailing each group with the Peer Review Worksheet #2. The subject line will be: “ENG1121, Group #.” Keep an eye out for this email.
  3. “Reply All” to my email with an attached copy of your “website” for me and your group by 11:59 PM on Monday, April 27. That’s just before midnight on Monday, not noon on Monday.
    • If a group member does not send their U3 Writing Assignment by the deadline, don’t worry! Just peer review the ones you receive. (Since you’ll be including me in the email, I’ll know who sends their U3 Writing Assignment.)
    • Please send your emails to my gmail account, NOT my City Tech account! If you want your participation points, follow this direction!!!!
  4. Email the completed worksheet to me and your group by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, April 29 (again, midnight on Wednesday, not noon on Wednesday). THIS COUNTS AS YOUR PARTICIPATION POINTS FOR APRIL 29.
  5. I’m giving you a small extension to turn in your final draft for evaluation. Instead of being due on Wednesday, April 29, the due date will be 11:59 PM on Friday, May 1.

On Wednesday, I’ll let you know how I expect the website to be turned in on Friday, May 1. 

Be well & stay safe!

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