Darya Dubouskaya: Lab report#1

Objective: For this class my goal is to  make my LED strip works.

Materials: Transistors, power adapter, LED strip, arduino, solder station, wires

Methods: At first we need to discuss with crew our project and come up with one idea for functionality and interface. Then we made a list of next steps for each member of a crew. My main goal for this class is to choose correct power adapter and wire it to Bboard for easily work with all other components. Led Strip need 12V. I found a power adapter with the same Voltage. Then I cut the adapter’s wire and soldered power and ground components to the simple wires that will be easier to use on a BBoard. Also I need to choose what kind of transistors will be better to use with my Led Strip and wire it all together with Arduino.


Discussion: Now I need to decide what kind of led strips will be better to use. Right now I’m working with just regular led strip. But I found out about addressable ones. Probably they will work for our project better.   

Results: My Led strip is powered right and I can control all leds together. Now I need to find a way to control each of them separate.

Notes: https://learn.adafruit.com/hl1606-led-strip/basic-usage


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