Matthew Soto Device Report




I have been into to video games since I was a little. I remember gaming a lot on my Sega genesis playing games like sonic, batman, and streets of rage. But there would be times that I would go to the arcades, either by my house or at New Roc City. I remember get my tokens and looking for a game to play, but the games that I would love to play the most were the light gun games like “Ghost Squad”, “Time Crisis”, and “Maximum force”. But my favorite light gun game series was The House Of The Dead.


When you look at the “The House Of The Dead III” deluxe arcade machine, you can see it has a screen, two corded light gun controllers and a slot for the coins. But upon further research I have seen not only other part to the machine but the technicality of each of the parts. For starters the cabinet itself contain the billboard, AC Unit, cash and coin doors, controllers, and a PTV. But inside there are certain chips that used to make the machine work. First is the game board, which is dedicated circuit board that contains the video game on the board. Next is the media board and last is the GD-ROM Drive. Each of these chips works together in order to make the PTV work. The PTV contains a plug that connects to the PTV cabinet, which contains the controller. The next chip is found within the coin slot and is called the VTS credit board. This use as indicator for the machine to validate the amount of credits is put into the coin slot. Once the credits are met the machine validates and the game, Start buttons, and the controllers can be used. The next important part is the light gun controllers themselves. Each of the guns contain micro switches, which is located on the trigger of the gun which serves as an actuator and tells the game to shoot when the trigger is press and the slide mechanism which tells the game to reload, and a sensor unit which tracks the motion and location of the gun. Aside from all the electrical work that are inside these machines these parts are what come together in order to from a working arcade light gun game.

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