Extra Credit Post

This post will outline a situation that went wrong and how we went about fixing it. with this project I have a lot to choose from when discussing things that went wrong. As I mentioned previously this contraption was not equipped with the best instructions and many of the scribe  lines designed to guide us where to cut, were too faint to make out. This is what led to a mistake made early in the cutting a sanding process. During the initial cutting of the main parts of the component, the instructions were a bit misunderstood, and we ended up cutting a big hole in the top of the sub with a drimmel; which we was not supposed to do. As you can imagine when we first discovered that this was a mistake, there was a bit of panic; however we were able to come together to plan a fix. As a team we came to the conclusion that once placed in the water, the inside of the sub was meant to fill with water. One of the correct steps were to drill holes into the hull anyway. With that understanding we were able to attach a part that was meant to be glued on the spot we removed, and covered the hole we made. Once the hole was covered and sealed, the fix was complete and we were able to move on.

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