Week 7 – Lab Report Disassemble and Reassemble a PMP (Portable Media Player)

Disassemble and Reassemble a PMP (Portable Media Player)

From Chinese descent



  • Disassemble a PMP
  • Break it into sections
  • Put it back together and make it work.


  • Portable Multimedia Player PMP/MP3/MP4/Gamer
  • Set of electronic screwdrivers


  • First remove the screws that hold the casing together and isolate the components
  • Remove back cover


  • Detach the speaker from the case, stuck with glue, be careful not to disconnect the cables from the board, there soldered together
  • remove battery from the PC board it’s also been glued, but don’t disconnect the battery from the board, it’s also been soldered.
  • Remove a set of four small screws holding the PC board to the white casing


  • Remove two small screws slider, to loosen the slider and release the screen
  • a set of two shafts hold the slider to the screen
  • and then you should have the entire unit disassembled


  • The screen is held in place to the slider with snap in cover secured by two screws
  • carefully removed them and watch for the circuit strip connecting the screen to the PC board, that has a snap on bracket once loosen releases the strip
  • now that everybody is naked on the beach, connect all parts together and test


  • It Works.
  • Now put everything back together, and you’re a happy puppy.


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