June 12th, 2019

we went to visit a park Le Square Trousseau and som and outdoor markets. Leery-Rollin was the stop we got off and the street was filled with really nice and beautiful buildings. There was this huge store called Monoprix which they do sell everything and I was in love.

The market was in the 12th arr and I could not just believe my eyes. I was so excited to see a market in Paris and I could not believe it. Here, kilo is the unit price which was a little confusing at first but then I understood it. When we got the chance to walk around to see all different type of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. Professo zinder gave us the opportunity to go to every different type of vendor and to see and compare the different prices which there was a lot with different prices. I also saw two chefs with the uniform walking around and with vegetables on the hands. The indoor markets is more upscale with meats and cheeses. When we went back to the market to buy more fruits and vegetables for our dorm and it was around 1pm something and it was already closing. Now they open again at 4pm-7pm for other people who works late and needs to get some shopping done.

After our park and market tour we had a picnic! Thank you professor zinder, we got the the It was so much fun to try different type of pattes, meats, cheeses, bread and wine especially here in Paris. We all got together and started to have a great time and enjoy this moment with everyone.

After our tour, we had the rest of the day to us and we all went our separate ways to do different things with everyone else. We came back to the hotel because my friends decided to do some more grocery shopping to cook dinner tonight and go to the pool. We ended up making salon, with a salad, mix vegetables with potatoes and a bottle of Chardonnay which it was a delicious meal. We melted some milk chocolate and we still had some strawberries from the market early and we had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

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