Day 2 in France (June 10)

We had a very productive day. Last night Professor Warner told everyone to meet in the lobby at 9:15 SHARP so we can all walk to the metro together. Those who were late would have to walk there themselves and possibly take the 13 line alone. Of course no one wants to be left behind, so everyone made it apparent to be there on time. Some students were running a little late, myself included, but luckily Yvonne ,one of the liaisons, was their to pick up any stragglers and we made it just in time to take the metro with our colleagues. The train stations in France are similar to that ok NYC. The only differences is that it is cleaner and more sufficient (faster and no delays). We took line 13 all the way to Champs Elysee-Clemenceau, which was nine stops away from Malakoff Plateau de Vanves. Once we arrived there we meet up with Professor Zinder. She gave us a tour of Paris and some history facts. Here are some pictures of what we came across:


Professor Zinder told us about some places to go shopping on Rue Cler, but due to it being close to the Eiffel Tower the prices are higher. As we were walking some students started to get hungry so we all stopped by Moulin De La Vierge. Some students received crepes, croissants, and also coffee. Once we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, there were merchants tryin to sell us keychains, selfie sticks. etc. We learned about why the Eiffel tower was created, needed a centerpiece for the world’s fair. The engineers who helped in the building of it; the names are showcased along the middle of the tower. As we were there we noticed that they were doing construction work  on the bottom of the tower so we weren’t able to walk through it. Instead we walked around it and saw the entrance to get inside. After Professor Zinder finished giving us the tour, it was then time for each group to go visit their tourist sites for the walking tour project.

P.s. The weather forecast was suppose to be rainy but the day turned out to be hot with frequent breezes.

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