Weekend in Paris

This weekend is off to a great start, the first stop was a restaurant in the 1st arrondissement called, Poulette. The main attraction was the steak frites


Inside of Poulette


Steak frites Med Rare

Next stop was the Aquarium de Paris, in the 16th. If you present your student ID you get a discount 16€. Lots of fun exhibits and even a touch tank filled with koi fish.


Lots of walking in the aquarium called for some High Tea at a local establishment. Carette, tea and pastries.



Tea Time


Mini Treats

After a long afternoon of snacks and touring the streets, it’s time to go back to home base and make a nice home cooked meal.


Lots of veggies and salad.

This year has been filled with beautiful experiences and so far this trip has been amazing.




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