Another day, new adventures

First day of walking tour projects … outside the hotel ready to leave to the first tour site.

First day of walking tour projects … outside the hotel ready to leave to the first tour site.11279993_10206885278718564_2003157092_n  11091280_10206885275958495_802250086_n

the Hotel D’ Ville Site

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Next stop… Notre Dame.


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having fun with classmates..

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Seven Hotel tour

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Heading back to the hotel, racing to see who gets to the hotel first.. GROUP A11329045_10206780405290411_1931295831_n

ending the day eating out with Prof. Hoffman


Today has been a very successful day.  Our day started at 10 AM with Adriana, Ayesha, and Max walking tour, Hotel De Ville. Then at 11 with a short walking distance from Hotel De Ville, we met at Notre Dame where Marilyn, Eliana and Sara presented their walking tour. This project was fun because I learned about other sites and the history of each site. From the end of their tour, we had a break until 1:45PM where we would meet the class Prof. Hoffman and Prof. Lorenzini. During that break the group I stuck too (Adriana, Sam, Ayesha, Holly, Tamar and Augustina), went to eat to L’As du Fallafel. The area was cool, reminded me of Soho. I liked it and want to go back there to shop. From there we took the train to the Seven Hotel. I saw the most amazing decorations and themes at the hotel. Never have I seen a room where each room is a theme. It was interesting that also gave me some ideas. On our way back to the hotel Mayra suggested talking another route back to the hotel, where we competed with Group A with my group (Adriana, Sam, Kim, Mayra, and Holly) who would get to the hotel first. So guess who won? We did! That was too fun! Lastly, we ended up going out with Prof. Hoffman to eat Crepes. That was the cherry top to my ice cream. I had an amazing day today.

THIS IS HOW WE FEEL AFTER A LONG DAY IN PARIS….11280411_10206777378214736_1866217417_n

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