Week 1: Getting Started

Welcome Students!  

Welcome to City Tech and English 1101-CO. This is an in person class that meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 pm – 5 pm. 

We begin on Monday (8/29).

We meet in  Namm-420-A.

I can be reached at: mnoonan@citytech.cuny.edu

Professor Mark Noonan


Here are your duties for today:

1.Diagnostic: Write Two Paragraphs on Your Core Values 

15 minute Break

2.  Sign up for your OpenLab account with your name and a profile photo.  Log in, then join our course.  If you need  help,  contact the OpenLab Community Team

               Look around our course site to familiarize yourself

               Post your self-introduction

Here are directions for writing and posting your self-introduction:

To write a new post, click the + sign at the top of the page. (It’s a small icon next to the class title and message box icon at the very top of the page). Fill in the subject heading with your name, then add your info and photo below.  After your work is complete, scroll down and check off OUR COMMUNITY under Categories (right side of page), then click Publish.

  • Paragraph 1: Include how you would like to be addressed, your pronouns, and any other info you’d like to share. This could include where you are from, where you reside now, your academic interests or major, any hobbies or NYC activities you enjoy, how you feel about beginning college. Feel free to be creative!
  • Paragraph 2:  Include a photo of something (place, space, person, pet, object, etc. ) meaningful to you, and tell us about it.  You can paste the photo into the body of your message, or Add Media  to upload it to your post.
  • Be sure to also check back to read your classmates’ responses and reply to a few. Getting to know each other, we start building our community.

3. Begin “How to Read Like a Writer”



Intro to Me

My name is Anthony Martino, but most people prefer to call me by my last name. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, but my goal is to own some sort of property down south. I am currently a freshman here at City Tech majoring in Electrical Engineering. So far some of my classes are a little out of my comfort zone, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes. I don’t really have a life goal on what I’d want to be although I’m excited to see how this path in life will take me.

This is a tenor saxophone which is also my favorite instrument. Although I’m more familiar with the clarinet from the tenor has always been so appealing to me. The fact that you play both Classical and Jazz songs on the same instrument makes it all the more fun to play. My favorite piece of music which was also one of the hardest was “Vesuvius”, it was 6 pages long all in all the song lasted up 7 minutes.I’ve been contemplating on if I should one of my own but at the same time it would cause me a great pain to just let it catch dust if I don’t use it.

Breaking The Ice


My name is Ayman Ghanem this is my first semester in college at City Tech. My Pronouns are he and him. I was born and raised in Brooklyn in a pretty religious family with deep connections to our beliefs. Although I’m not as religious as my family I do hope to become more like them in the future. A major reason for this is due to my strong feelings towards loving and being close to my family.  A couple hobbies I enjoy are playing sports mainly football and also playing video games. I had a job this summer so I didn’t really get to do neither of them but I did make a good amount of money so it was a win situation for me.


The car you see is a 2018 Dodge Challenger I hope in the future I could own. The reason why I am so fixated on this car is in the 6th grade I seen this same exact car picking up a classmate of mine. Seeing it really lightened up my eyes from the spoiler on the back to the colored wheels and custom rims. To show how motivated I was I had a job every Saturdays and Sundays, i would also work full-time in summer did this for 3 years straight currently still doing it. I have more then enough to buy it but its maintaining it that’s holding me back. I am hoping in the next 2 years I have enough saved up to be confident enough to buy.

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