(A1) Type in my Neighborhood: Bensonhurst/Gravesend

Here’s a gallery of typography found in my neighborhood, Bensonhurst/ Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY.

I never really looked around my neighborhood like this before, to see all the different types that surround me. Once I started this this Type & Media  class and was asked to look around my neighborhood for the five families of font or just font in general; I saw a lot of great stuff. I became a bit more interested in view my own neighborhood.

Once I started wondering around  and looking at different store fronts, subway stations, street signs, and house numbers, I noticed that most of the fonts were San Serif (Helvetica) style. Now I’m pretty sure it’s cause we’re in 2016 but I think I still would have loved to see Modern or even Old Style. Old Style has this feel of being in the 17th Century and in those days everything was so different.

In a weird way I actually enjoyed walking around my neighborhood and viewing the type, it truly opened up my eyes and made me understand more about what my neighborhood was about. My neighborhood is truly an Italian place from famous pizzerias to little mom & pap shops to the bars that still till this day serve expresso’s.