Organizing Files

Within the programs that I have been using, I’ve learned how to save files and documents certain way, starting with the date. Most of the files that were previous saved, I needed to rename and all the new files were saved correctly by date. My supervisor mentioned that files are always easier to locate when by date followed by the name.

Designing a flyer

I have learned that most of the fliers designed were previously designed within InDesign. For me it was a challenge because I was used to designing within Illustrator. My supervisor mentioned to me that InDesign is a great program to use when designing fliers and it is a preferred program, therefore, I began creating. Within the process I’ve come to learn that InDesign was way better when setting up a triple-fold brochure with a simple design.

Designing a Template for a Website

I’ve learned how to break out of my comfort zone with designing a website template. It’s a back and forth with the webmaster. Working with a template is something I’ve learned in most of my classes. When working from scratch and not knowing exactly what a client wants is much difficult but when having a visual file and understanding how things work together was much more understandable.

Communicating with Architects

I’ve learned that communicating with Architects is totally different then speaking with rental clients. The conversations were regarding the installments for fire rated emergency doors. The benefit of speaking with Architects is a plus because the language is slightly different were measurements and blueprints were involved. Understanding that the Architects are people that do not waste time, but get straight to business, unlike rental clients who have more than enough time to walk around the space and ask questions.

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