The environment at the Center is professional and helpful. Every morning coming into work is an enjoyment. When first walking into the facility, two security guards greet you and then direct you to the front desk. There are two receptionists who sit there, they are the face of the company and they are always there to provide information or help a visitor with whatever they need. Employees are also helpful and when you don’t know something, or just looking for directions, everyone there helps.

Furthermore, my attire is business casual and yet there are days it’s business without the casual. Because I meet with rental clients, contractors, and vendors for my permanent position, I always need to look the part. Working with the Creative team, it’s more business casual. Therefore, when I know I don’t have meetings; I am dressed a bit more casual.

Since the Center is non-profit, every employee is entitled to an hour lunch. I personal enjoy eating and working all at the same time, I feel like I get more done.

Lastly, the office space is clean and organized, and the setup on the floor I work are offices around with open work space and drywall cubicles. I have an office because I handle a lot of confidential information/ documents. My supervisors office is just two doors from me, while the Creative team is located in the Concourse Level (basement), I am still able to work in my own space.

The Creative team office space has a lot of design material and digital equipment.  There are four offices where the creative team is located and each space is really big, this is why four people in each room sit. When meeting with the team, I either meet everyone downstairs or the team (usually two – three people) comes upstairs to me.

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