The main project was is redesign of a rental brochure and website page for the Center. I have learned that designing takes time and understanding how things move around a website and on paper, but I also realized that all templates can change and designs can go a different direction. I have also learned that design can change at any point, which this one did. I was told that the brochure would be a triple-fold but then I was told it would be just a flyer. I’ve also learned that not all matter gets saved when management changes and technology upgrades. Because there weren’t backup files to the old brochure, my supervisors suggested using a standard template and begin laying things into place, she was there through most of my process because I had a lot of questions. But once everything came together, it started looking nice and clean. As for the website, we need the website layout and there wasn’t an actually template, we used the brochure and made a lot of rearrangements which are still in the works.  I personally do not like the red color and I had mentioned it to my supervisor last week—the great part about our own opinions—she mentioned she would look into it and we will discuss it. The greatest experience for me through this project, my opinions matter to my supervisor and are sometimes with into consideration and into play. Working with a team of designers is great because we all bounce our ideas off each other. The project is almost complete, we just need to make certain changes and tweaks to the website.

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