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Office Desk

My workday usually started with a cup of coffee on the way to work. The office is located at a lively business street of Brighton Beach Avenue. The area is full of shops, restaurants  and people in colorful summer outfits heading to the beach. Although I had always pictured myself walking to the office in Manhattan every morning, I came to realize that having an internship at a Brooklyn-based agency wasn’t disappointing after all. Less commuting time and not having to deal with the city crowd seemed to make my day much easier.

The Vyater Group has a high expectation of the employees’ ability to do the job, not of what they wear at work. Lenny gives us the freedom of expressing ourself through clothing in order to make a creativity-friendly environment. Like others designers, my typical outfit at work would be a combination of jeans and T-shirts.


Here I am, at the office, welcomed with a smile from Kelly, the Social Media manager. Each of us has our own Mac workstation. Lenny has his own room and the creative team shares another room with the wall covered with design references and inspiring quotes. . Since we all gathered around in one room, communication wasn’t a problem. The typical work day is around 8 hours and we get to choose between 9 and 10 am to start. Lenny shows his understanding about circumstances out side of work by his flexibility of schedule and treats the team with respect. That not only benefits but somehow motivates us to do the best for the interests of the company.

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