Adhere to the Style Guide

Getting into the real business is sure different from being at the classroom. School projects usually give me the freedom of being the only decision maker who decides  the overall look and feel, what fonts and colors to use etc. But it isn’t always the case in reality, especially at my company where seventy five percent of the job are production- based projects from the in-house design departments.


My very first project was an e-invitation for a financial event in which all I had to do is replacing the previous design with an image of Atlanta skyline and updating the event information. Having learned about brand identity and understanding the client’s requirement of consistency didn’t keep me from being disappointed at first. After working on many projects that required consistent adherence to the established set of standards, I got more and more comfortable taking over someone’s design and following the guidelines. More importantly, I started developing a more professional attitude knowing that I might not always be the original designer and sometimes I have to take over a project with fixed elements and move it forward. Because at the end of the day, the goal is to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

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